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Is Spinal Decompression an option for you?

March 3rd, 2010 by bacdoc

Many of the people I’ve treated in my 19 years of practice were either on their way to the spinal surgeon or they had a failed back or neck surgery and unfortunately ended up in our office after the damage was done. Since I began using the spinal disc decompression treatment in my Lawrenceville, Georgia Chiropractic office, I have been inundated with questions from both doctors and patients as to which cases it will best help. Obviously proper patient selection is essential to favorable outcomes, so let me explain to you of the inclusion and exclusion criteria so you may make the right decision, since not everyone qualifies for the treatment.

Please keep in mind that there are about a dozen different decompression therapy tables that have come into the marketplace with models named Vax-D, DRX-9000, AcuSpina, DTS, IDD, and Lordex-just to name a few. I have first hand experience with most of these and can tell you that they all work well, but only as well as the doctor that renders the service.

Inclusion Criteria:
• Pain due to herniated and bulging lumbar discs that is more than four weeks old
• Recurrent pain from a failed back surgery that is more than six months old.
• Persistent pain from degenerated disc not responding to four weeks of therapy.
• Patients available for four weeks of treatment protocol.
• Patient at least 18 years of age.

Exclusion Criteria:
• Surgical Hardware (screws, plates, wires)
• Severe Osteoporosis
• Malignancy
• Joint instability as shown on imaging studies

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